To Be Successful In Dentistry, You Need To Escape From The Golden Toothbrush.

dentist2I’m sure you have heard the story about the golden handcuffs. It is a term that is used when people talk about working long hours and still getting everything in life they want. All the goals in life are met. The person who wears these golden handcuffs has the nice dream house, the fancy sports car, the pool, the house boat and everything they have always wanted but, they are locked to their job with these golden handcuffs.

This analogy is great for the dental profession and here is why. There is always something about business that you are caught doing that is not related to the care of the actual patients. There are mountains of reports, paperwork, answering questions and so much more that can keep you weighed down. It is as if you are lifting the weight of the golden toothbrush. Let’s be honest, that causes stress and that stress goes home with you at night too, doesn’t it?

Let’s get rid of that golden toothbrush and make your dentistry business function much better. If you already have a staff, hand everything you can to them. Free up as much of your time as you can. You can always be used as an extra pair of hands when you are needed. It is much better to put yourself to better use doing things that only you can do.

We just talked about handing off a work load to someone in your office. Before you can do that, you need to know what you are going to give and to whom. Sit down and make a list of all the tasks you can hand off and match them with the person on your staff best qualified to handle them. At the start of things you might have to assist in helping them get started with these new tasks. However, soon enough you can walk away and go back to doing your job and only your job until you are needed as an extra set of hands somewhere else. You can always check in and see how that person is doing with the task. You should do this on a regular basis.

The next thing you will want to do is market to get more patients into your office. Let’s face it, your practice makes money when you are seeing people. You need to see as many people as you can for two reasons. First, people need to see a dentist and second, it might as well be you and not someone else. Now, set a marketing plan in place. Use your current patients to get their friends in to see you. Why not have a family and friends day? Throw a small party and show people what it is you do and why they should come to you. Make your office fun, a place people are not afraid to go to. Use these simple tips and watch your business grow.

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